Sales invoice - default cost center issue

Hey guys,
So I am trying to create an invoice and while I have already checked all possibilities, it seems I keep getting this error:

Sales Invoice SINV-00176: Cost Center is required for ‘Profit and Loss’ account Sales - NSD. Please set up a default Cost Center for the Company.

Of course, there is a cost center create called Main - NSD which is the main cost center properly set everywhere.

I just don’t know where to look anymore to be able to fix the issue.


you can set default cost center for company in the company settings. just search “company list” in the search bar and it will take you to company list. then you can set cost center in the company settings.

Thank you for the information.

Indeed I have done that and the error still is the same.

What do you think it can be actually?

With respect and appreciation,

please check if this problem happened only in that particular sales invoice or is it happening every time you make a sales invoice?

also please check your “sales” account, inventory and customer account, does they also have cost center default that you need to set up before…

if this problem occur every-time you create sales invoice or only happen in one specific item/customer/event?
i’m afraid you will have to do a little investigation on this to solve this problem.

Hope to help

We have the same issue on POS, but only when we’re making change. If the customer pays the exact amount (or we input the exact amount), the sales invoice is created successfully. Likewise, if we create a sales invoice directly and select “Include Payment (POS)” and over pay, expecting change, we get the same error when we “submit”.

I have a similar issue. If I create an invoice from scratch it’s fine, but if I go through the sales process of Quote-Sales Order-Delivery-Invoice the Invoice tells me “default cost center from ‘company A’ doesn’t belong to ‘Company B’” Even though the whole process was in ‘Company B.’ All of the cost centers in ‘Company B’ are correct. I can’t even find anywhere to change the cost center of the Invoice.

Edit: also happens if I make a new Invoice and “Pull Items from Sales Order.”

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Hi Agerken, Did you get any solution for this?

I came across a similar issue where, when I create a sales invoice programmatically through Python code, and when I try to ‘submit’ the sales invoice, it said “default cost center from ‘company A’ doesn’t belong to ‘Company B”

When I check the accounting details of the invoice items, found that the ‘cost center’ for the item is set as company A cost center, instead of company B. All, I had to do was change the invoice item to have correct cost center and it worked.

I had to update my Python code to set cost_center to correct one.

Check the cost center in Item details or Tax Details

I am also getting this issue even after updating new version 12.6.2 this issue started for material receipt as well.

Its bug need to fix asap.

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still facing the same with the expense claim

Even I am facing this issue with Expense Claim
I tried changing the Default Cost Center in Company, still getting the same error

I found issue with my Expense Claim.
The Default Expense Claim Payable Account was set to a P&L Account, Expenses which should be a Balance Sheet Account, specifically Creditors Account or similar.
Since the Payable Account was set to a P&L account, this error was thrown "Expenses needs a Cost Center. Set Default Cost Center for the Company "