Sales Invoice displays Discount Amount

My Sales Invoices now display Discount Amount for each item listed in the invoice. This is now displayed on all the invoices I’ve generated over the last 2 years. It only started happening on the weekend.

Does anyone know how to remove this? Is anyone else having the same problem.

Thanks in advane.

Has someone maybe customised the output/print format? If not, you could tune it to your needs and add/remove fields as you prefer

Thank You Trent,
I did create a Tax Invoice format but I’ve been using that version for about 2 years.

I can’t work out how to remove the Discount Amount which now shows in the print format.

I currently can’t generate invoices for the business! Help would be appreciated.


Can you show a screenshot of how your document and the customise screen look, and I’m sure someone here will be able to point out the hiccup

Thanks Trent

Screenshot attached

eehhmmm… I don’t see it??