Sales Invoice doesn't allow the fractions. is there any settings have to change

Hi all,
my concept is i have a wire with 50 meters. I will purchase it with 50 meters and sell it as by cutting 12.5 meters and 15 meters etc., but i have a only one bar code for 50 meters roll.

I have set the serial no as 12300001,
I have set the quantity as 1 during purchase order and receipt as i need only one barcode. when doing pos when selecting the barcode/serial no 12300001 for that item which sell it for 15 meters i will give as 0.3 qty, even will give 0.35. But it doesn’t allow the fraction quantity in pos during pay process. But i need to do like this only. Is there any setup need to do for giving quantity in fraction.

@Dhamu can you send a screenshot?

@rohit_w can you check?

Hi Thanks @rmehta first created UOM

now in pos with serial no while pay


Just a shot in the dark here.

I can see in the screenshot that the UOM is set up correctly. You’re sure that the Wrap-BLU is set to use Meters as well in the Item setup? Perhaps it’s still set to use a different UOM.

hi @Dbone Thanks for your reply, I have set in a meter only don’t know where its gone wrong…

Is this a Issue or i have did any mistake in my flows.

You are using UOM of EACH or METERS? Maybe consider using batch no. instead of serial no. Quantity can set to 50m for 50 each for that batch number.

Maybe avoid fractions all together by changing your base unit to the lowest denominator you will be selling. E.g. centimeters instead of meters.

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Hi @Dhamu,

In ERPNext, If item has serial number then at the time of selling it should be whole number not fraction. So you can not sell the serial no partially, you have to sell it complete serial no. Instead of serial no you can use batch number, this will full fill your scenario.

Thanks, Rohit

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@Dhamu, this is the tipical case that you need Repack the items in Stock

Do you need an Stock available in the Meters UOM.

HI Thanks @wdg, @rohit_w and @max_morais_dmm for your reply,

I will check it and get back

Yeah @rohit_w It full fill’s my scenario Thank you all…