Sales Invoice doing a Reverse Entry also


I am creating an usual Sales Invoice, however the System is also creating a Reversal Entry for the Stock. The screenshot below should be able to explain the problem:

  • The entry is done in the same way as others are being done.
  • I have already tried to cancel and recreate the Invoice
  • The only difference while creating this Sales Invoice is that the Customer here is Selected as ‘Company’.

Please guide me, from where should I start looking for error. As i have checked all preliminary points to best of my knowledge.

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On further inspection, I found that I had set a Default Warehouse under User Permission for the user. And because of this, target_warehouse under Sales Invoice Item was also being set by default.

The code here erpnext/ at 439a39bbbb356fb3bfa0f1632a26dc060ca79b29 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

Seems to be appending two entries in the above scenario. Now please help me with:

  1. How to correct these entries as there have been quite a few number of entries.
  2. I would still like to keep a Default Warehouse entry for the User. What can be done in order to prevent this situation in future.
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Hi @mehta_akshay , Please were you able to fix this? I seem to be having a similar issue.

Hi @Ebuka_Joseph_Akeru, its been a long time since I have got into a similar situation. Also from what I can recall, this was a testing phase for my setup. I think it would be more clear if you can post some screenshot and explain a little more.

Post this I think, I had removed Default Warehouse from User Permissions.