Sales Invoice for hourly labour

We install and service equipment. We bill technician time at different rates, for example a software install might bill at $10 / hour while a hardware maintenance might bill at $20. I have set up a Item , Hours , in Services group with variants , Hours10, Hours20 etc. however I wonder if there is a better way to set that up.

I would also like to include on a Sales Invoice, a Description of the Service on the line where the Hours are shown, and possibly a date that the service was performed - so that if I need to bill a customer once a month for various services and items. Adding those fields isn’t a problem, I will need them to be added to the item table and filled at invoice preparation.

So the Sales Invoice Item line would have

Date Service Description Hourly rate Amount

Not sure whether this is possible , any ideas are welcome.

Maybe an item for each service type would be ideal.

What I am trying is a new Doctype, Service Description , as a child table of the Item table , then I shall try to customize the sales order to add it. I am not sure what the field: should be. I’ll update as I go along if it seems to work, unless I’m taking the wrong approach here.

Thanks, @rmehta