Sales invoice from timesheet

Hi I am trying to get to grips with how timesheets work with invoices.

I have set up a demo company so I can play around with it.

I created a timesheet in the billable cost I put £12.50 as this is what I bill the company and in the cost box I put £8.50 as this is what I pay the staff. Is this correct? If not what is the cost box for? and is the billable box what I am charging the customer or what staff are billing me?

I then clicked on create an invoice. In the print version, the timesheet didn’t show which is great as the customer doesn’t need to know what staff worked on their job. However, it also didn’t show the billable amount?

Billable box is for what you are going to bill the customer. If you are having issues, it is better to post Frappe Framework version, ERPNext version and screen shots for better understanding of the issue.

hi @Pawan I am not sure if there is an issue.

In the back end of the invoice the tinmesheet is attached and I can click on it and go to the timesheet. If the timesheet has a billable amount is this supposed to affect the amount of the invoice?

is the cost box on timesheet what you are paying the staff?

FYI there is a related topic here

hi @vrms I couldnt see the answers on that thread but thank you

I didn’t mean the answers to your question where in that topic. Just thought as it touches the same part of the system it was interesting to look at.

actually [quote=“Softwareprofs, post:3, topic:26854”]
If the timesheet has a billable amount is this supposed to affect the amount of the invoice?

The timesheet appears on the Sales Invoice created from it but you still have to fill in the Item, it’s quantity and rate to be billed manually. The Time Sheet serves more or less like a note, or reference.

Thank you @vrms

So back to my original question. The billable amount on the time sheet does not influence the cost of the invoice ?

maybe just try it out and see what happens … What I saw when I tried it out was (basically what is mentioned in the other topic I’ve linked too):

  1. the Timesheet is being listed on the Sales Invoice created from it (including the quantities and billable amount)
  2. You can use that as a reference or note, but have to add Item, quantities and rate manually (which in a normal use case would match what’s listed on the time sheet).
  3. The Timesheet by itself it does not influence whatsoever what you actually bill for in the invoice (you could bill something completely different if you wanted to [which made not much sense naturally])

hope that clarifies the matter

P.S. I assume (haven’t tested) that whether you actually would bill something else then what’s on your Timesheet in your Sales Invoice the TS would still appear as ‘billed’ and there is no unpaid sum lingering around for that Customer in the system

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Thank you. I also need to work out if the billable amount is what the staff are charging me or what I am charging the client. Also what the cost amount is for ?