Sales Invoice - Get Items From (Delivery Notes based on Sales Order)

Hi Team,

For a single sales order we have multiple Delivery Notes. We combine multiple Delivery Notes and create a single Sales Invoice at the end.

My question is how can filter Delivery Notes by Sales Order in Get Items From when creating new Sales Invoice? Appreciate your response on this.


Can you provide code for get_items button click

Sorry, I am not a developer. I just wanna know is there is way we can customize this without coding. Please let me know.

no there is no other way of customising you have to change the code of get_items.

Thanks for the suggestion! Just wanna know, if I change the code of get items. Does it affect my ERPNext update? What would be the best way to touch the core?

Yes, that will affect your ERPNext updates.There will be conflicts while updating ERPNext.
You can writing custom script for get_items. Or If you want to make more changes then create a custom app and override the function that you want to change.
This will not affect your ERPNext updates.

You may create Invoice from Sales Order.

Thanks for the suggestion. Actually I made a small modification in python file which result in update conflict when my updating erpnext.

What is the custom script that I can use in order for me to pull Purchase Order number in Get Item Field in Sales Invoice?

Please let me know.