Sales Invoice: Get Items From shows already invoiced DN


i figure out that some DN is still visible “on get item from” in Sales Invoice. I made some updates earlier on database with query. Maybe that is the reason. How could i correct this?

Anyone could help me with this?

Hi @vladucoju! You have mentioned that you made changes in the DB. May we know what that changes are? SO we can pin point what is causing it. Thanks!

Hi @creamdory, thank you for trying to help. I updated custom field in Sales Invoice item from Same custom field from Delivery Note Item. I did that from Maria DB. Later i discovered that Invoiced DN are still visible on a list in view get items from DN. Is it posible to fix those broken links?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @vladucoju ! The best way to do it is cancel the Sales Invoice and try to create Invoice from DN again. :smiley:

If i had couple of Invoices i would do it and don’t ask for help on the forum. Hope someone on forum will have solution for this.


i made data migration to erpnext with import export tool. Everything was connected properly (delivery notes have sales invoice number that was previously impotred). When i look into one delivery note doc, everything seems to be ok. I have sales invoice link above. ERPNEXT show me there is a link to sales invoice.
When i go into that sales invoice everything is also ok. Link to delivery note is there.

Problem is when i wan’t to create new invoice and get item from delivery note. In that list is still available already invoiced delivery notes. How is this possible? I wrote earlier when i had the same problem, but i did not get any answer what is the problem. I canceled all invoices and do it manually again. But now there is a lot of invoices and delivery notes and that is note possible. Is there any reference integrity check in erpnext to show me broken links, and give me option to correct them automaticly?