Sales Invoice - including POS payment when doing Return (Credit Note) stays as Debt

Hi all,
Don’t know if is the same with you but i have the following issue:

  • Created an Invoice (total 6,762.00) with POS payment Included and Bank selected with same value. Invoice status PAID.

  • User mistake so he does a Return / Credit Note; Is Return is selected; Update Stock for this case also; and is submitted.

When checking the sales reports i see that the Invoice has outstanding -6,762.00 and when i open the invoice with now Status Credit Note Issued i see the outstanding -6,762.00

Can someone explain me what is missing and why did not the Credit Note cleared this?


You have to create a Payment from the invoice “credit note issued”

Thanks for the reply.
But I don’t remember on V10 doing so… And I thought the system would do that reverse entries when doing the credit note for all…