Sales Invoice is not created through subcription

Hello Experts,
I have created the subscription for selected customer. for that i choose customer and item. I also created the price list for the selected item. Now i want to create Sale Invoice through subscription. But when i created subscription , the sales invoice is not created. Did i miss something in settings.
Please guide.

Manoj Tilekar

Subscription is recurring model, so the system will automatically triggers the invoice against subscription on renewal date.

Is there any error, while creating invoice? Check error logs.

Thanks for Reply, but i want to create invoice at beginning of start date.
Please guide.

Hello, @manojtilekar Was this option selected in your configuration? If not, then request you to create the Subscription again keeping this checked.

If the non-generation of Sales Invoice persists, please let us know. Thanks :slight_smile:

I have the same issue. I have created a subscription to 150 customers in January. Each subscription is supposed to generate an invoice each month. But instead, after 2 months, I have multiple invoices with the same date(the date of the beginning of the subscription, january). It’s very painful experience.

Another question what happen to my subscription if I change the “Days Until Due” in an active subscription?

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Yeah it persists, nothing is generated

Try to click on fetch updtes it will create the invoices for others customers try to click on fetch updates for at least two customers the rest will follow after some minutes