Sales Invoice - is Pos - commission gone?


I’m trying to create a sales invoice that is from a POS. I would like to pay commission to the person who made the sale. Unfortunately, the commission sections is removed when I click on “is Pos” is there a reason for that? Does the “is Pos” go through a different flow?

In retail, the sale is made between the customer and retailer and no third party is involved. Thus when you click on POS, the commission section is not visible. But you can create a GitHub issue for this feature.

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@shachiTakalkar That is not true. Many shops sell by commission with their store employee(along with a salary) as an incentive to sell their products. Otherwise you have many shop employee who will just sit there and do nothing. This is a very common practice in North America. The cashier usually asks the questions, “was there someone who helped you today?”. And that person is entered into the system.

Is there somewhere that explains the difference between a “is POS” checked sales invoice and a “regular” invoice? my workaround would be to do a regular invoice and figure out what I need to do to look like a POS invoice.

Hi @Nathan,

Commission is available for the POS invoice only thing is you can not add it from the POS screen. To add commission create the new sales invoice and enable Is POS, please check below GIF

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HI @rohit_w, I believe you confused sales team with sales partner. I want to give out commission. erpnext manual:
Sales Person wise Commission

ERPNext only provide total amount of sale made by a Sales Person. If you offer commission to Sales Person, you should add Sales Person as Sales Partners in ERPNext. For Sales Partners, you can define Commission (%). On selected on Sales Partner in a sales transction, based on Net Total, Commission Amount is calculated as well. You can check Sales Partner’s commission report from:

Accounts > Standard Reports > Sales Partners Commission

I want to give commission in a POS sales invoice.


I work for a retail company. Here we have a incentive based system, where they(sales persons) get some percentage of the sale as a incentive with their salary.
Every line in the POS is related to a particular sales person/sales person ID.
At the end of the day we can see how much each sales person has contributed to the sale. Every month we fix some amount as the target for each of them. And incentives for them. I.e. 1℅ of the sale amount.
So my question is - is there any procedure with which I can add a sales person ID for each line in POS.


Yes, this is very important. Cashier and Sales Person might be the different person most of the time.

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any words how it can achieved?

You can customize the POS payment popup form to include Sales Person selection and Enter Commission. I have done it, if you want I can tell you how to do it.

I was trying to customize but cannot find the form in the customize , if you help i would be thankful

You cannot customize it without a custom app as far as I know. Are you familiar with the concept of Custom App?

Sorry but I am newbie :frowning: if you can guide me to a tutorial i would be thankful

any other way so i can customize the POS screen? via customization?

no. the only way to customize properly is via a custom app as per my understanding.