Sales invoice issue

Hi there,
I am new user, i tried to use ERPnext in my company, but i have issue and i cant solve it.

When customer pay advance, the advance payment isn’t calculated in sales invoice.

For example:
Customer buy products from us , the bill became 1000.
He pay advance 500.

Now in sales invoice will not updated, so the balance will be 1000.
I want salse invoice like that:
Total amount: 1000
Advance payment: 500
Balance: 500.

Can any one help me?

Hi @Apex_Windows
I believe what you are looking for is reflected in the outstanding amount field.
If you want it displayed on a printed document, you can use the print format template to make that field appear.

Hope that helps

Hi @bosmy
Yes thats whats i want.
Thank you for responding.

But how can i do it?