Sales Invoice: Item-wised Discount

Hello everyone,

We recently installed ERPNext V5 on our server as a pre-production server.

When creating an item for an invoice, there is a field name Discount %. When filling the discount value, the discount is not applied on the Item when item is saved (Done button).
Is there an issue about it or a particular configuration to do so as to make it working.
We are not using price list since there are some services that are offered that does not require price list (where discount is possible).

We are using: ERPNext: v5.0.8 and Frappe Framework: v5.0.7 on Debian Wheezy.

Thanks for the support and help and for this wonderful product.

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Discount is no Price List rate. that field should be hidden if no price list rate is set.

Hi Mehta,

Thanks for you answer.
So I need to hide the Price List rate field in order to allow Discount
Could you please tell where to hide these options? In Customize forms?? In which section permission or in display section? In both sales invoice or only in sales invoice item?

Please tell the difference between Price List Rate and Discount on Invoice item.


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The discount is on Price List Rate - ie. if your price list rate is 100, and your discount is 5%, your rate will be 95.

I think it was not on price list before and did appear without price-list…

How to make item-discount to always appear when creating new item? Also can we use discount-amount instead of percentage?