Sales Invoice Items customization in Sales Order


I would like to customize items table in sales order in such a way so Item Code field would be replaced by field to display both Item Code and Item Description in format as [Item Code : Description]. I have to do this because there is a limit on adding only 4 column in table format.

Can someone help me with this customization?



Since Item Code is standard and mandatory field, it cannot be replaced with another custom field.

To address the requirement of accomodating data from more fields, this could help you.

Thanks @umair.

But I was able to get around without disabling editable grid. I was able to show 5 columns by changing item code columns to 2 and description columns to 3.

But I added some custom field and showing that in list view e.g. weight field. But I am not able to keep weight column to just 1 column. It’s getting default to 2 columns only. Any idea about why is this happening?


That’s because sum to Column width mentioned for all the fields of that Doctype should be 100. Perhaps 10 is taking it to 90 only, so it’s adding another 10 to make sum total as 100.

Should sum of all width be 100px or 1080px? or something else?

Sum of all Columns should be 10. Width doesn’t have any impact on the column width in the form.

Columns in the Customize Form:

Columns in the Child table:

Ok really good to know.

I understand that Print width is for printing layout but why do we have width then if it’s controlled by columns?


Can you please create Github Issue for it? If redundant, we will remove it from the Customize Form.

Ok will create. thnx