Sales invoice items with different cost centers

A sales invoice has a cost center in the accounting dimension, and each item in this invoice has its own cost center. What is the logic controling these cost centers? What will happen if the cost center of the items are different than the cost center of the invoice?

I assumed that the total cost of the invoice should be added to its cost center and the cost of each individual item will be added to its cost center, but it seems that the cost center of the invoice was not updated and the invoice is not included in the profit and lost report.
Could you please explain the right use of those cost centers
Thank you


As I wrote on the other post, sales invoices have not cost center, each line can be assigned to different cost center.

Accounting processes consider this behavior, so General Ledger, Trial Balances, etc … shows information properly.

In this example you can see how General Ledger separates one sales invoice containing 2 different cost centers and departments (custom accounting dimension).

Hope this helps.

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Thanks a lot.

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Actually, I have doubts here … after looking into this again, I’ve realized that sales invoice cost center seems to affects to the income account and item line cost center seems to affects to the debtor account …

I will test further …


Personaly, I believe that we need to have 2 cost centers. One for the whole sales invoice so that I can use it for reporting total sales, and one for when I want to distribute items into different cost centers.