Sales invoice line item icon

In the web portal Invoices, Sales Invoice line, the icon is showing as a grey square (see picture). Attaching the image to Account Item (show in website) doesn’t seem to working.

Does a hard refresh help?

Thanks for your quick response.
I don’t know specifically what you mean by “hard refresh”. On which part of
the system are you referring too? Products seem to be used with different
sizes of “thumbnails” in the system but there is only one image that is
attached to Item account. Is there some documentation on this?
Thanks again,

I meant refreshing your browser with the browser cache cleared

Thanks again for responding. Yes, I did fully clear the browser cache of images and other meta data. The image also seems to be visible to contact that only has the Customer role.
Just to confirm, is the only step required to set “Show in Website” for the item.