Sales invoice naming series problem

Strange thing happened with my sales invoice naming series.

Series keep autoincrementing even if you delete previous invoice.
I.e. my last submitted number was RA-2016 -00010 after creating a draft RA-2016 -00011, and later deleting it, next draft should get the number RA-2016 -00011. It got RA-2016 -00012. Strangely SINV- series seems to work ok.

Tried updating series number (it seems it doesn’t work), restart, clean browser cache…

It is vital for me, that the numbers do not skip series.
Any suggestions?

usually it dosnt skip, can you please advise what branch are you using ? production server?

can you also do one sales invoice and cancel it and delete it then refresh then click on reload from the user menuand then refresh your browser and then try to open new invoice and see if it will work or not?

I tried your suggestion. Doesn’t work. It just gets next higher number in series which is 39.
If i go to update series and select my prefix, current value shown is my last submitted invoice (10) which is ok. Nothing between 10 and 39 - just lots of deleted drafts due to testing.
BTW-Prefix SINV- has the same “current value” even if i’m not using it at all.

I’m on VM 19042016, latest erpnext/frappe version.

Hello, did you ever find out the issue? I just have the same issue in a production instance where is “skipping” one series, even though it is available. I’m running on ERPNext: v7.2.14 / Frappe Framework: v7.2.12

@wizard0207 if you query the relevant database tables, you might get an idea what the problem is in your case?

For example try this: Naming Series Current Value Is not Updating from naming series form - #5 by clarkej

I had issues with “YYYY-MM” series. I think i solved it with actual number of the year(2016) and by correcting current series number in database (tabSeries). Don’t remember what version was i on, but i had no more issues after updating.