Sales invoice naming


I’ve noticed you’ve implemented [select"name"] into draft invoice naming.
I can not get it to work on virtualbox installation. Is it a setting or it’s a bug?
Running latest with fresh installation no customization.

It’s not the bug. You have select naming series for Sales Invoice
e.g. SINV- or SINV-RET-

Thank you @Sangram I know that. That is not the issue. Check and make an invoice to see what i’m talking about. When in draft state it gets ie. [select0001] name and after submit it becomes [sinv-0001]. This isn’t working in virtualbox deployment.

I checked it’s working for me.
You have select Series before Save.
Make new Sales Invoice > Select Series > Save and check again.

Looks like online version doesn’t work either as it did. :neutral_face: Last time i’ve checked, the name “[select]0001” was “temporary name” for draft invoices only. After submit it got name from Series [SINV-0001]. It seems that isn’t the case anymore, since the name [select] remains even after submission if you do not select series when making invoice. I thought it was a solution to a sales invoice naming problem discussed here, but apparently it was not.