Sales Invoice not saving

When I try to submit a sales invoice I get the message “Account Debtors - SVS is not belong to Company…”

What am I doing wrong?


You need to select valid Debit account in “Debit to” field which is belongs to selected company.

Thank you for your help, Nishant.

In the Sales Invoice page the “Debit to” selected is “Debtors - SVS”, which should belong to my company.

When I go to Accounts/Company/[my company name]/Default Receivable Account is set to “Debtors - SVS”. So this all looks correct, I think.

However, when I go to Accounts/Chart of Accounts/ I can see my company name at the top of the page, and a folder called “Accounts”, but there is nothing in the folder. I cannot see any COA structure???

In Accounts/Company/[my company name]/Chart of Accounts is set to “Standard”.

Should I be able to see the file structure in the Accounts folder?
How do I confirm that “Debtors - SVS” is assigned to my company?

Thank you again for your help. Do you need any other information?

Open account list from search box of home.
and do filter for company and look is account exist or not.

or other and simple way if you did any entry in past then it will display in “General Ledger” Report or any other report.

This is what I see when I show “Accounts List”

“Debtors - SVS” is listed.

hey first,
select Debtors - SVS - SVS account in sales invoice debit to and then check.

if possible try to rename your account “Debtors - SVS” to “Debtors” if not possible then try following things

if it is correct then change default debtors account from company and select “Debtors - SVS - SVS” account in it.

i think it is a problem of wrong account name - > “Debtors - SVS - SVS” → Must be “Debtors - SVS”

I just tried to show the Accounts List again and now there is nothing there. What’s going on???

Difficult to understand situation without chart of accounts.
and just reload whole page or logout and login again.
then try

Seems like it’s problem of wrong debtors account name

Thanks again, Nishant

“Debtors - SVS - SVS” is just a new account that I set up earlier to try to resolve the problem.
I cannot delete it it now - I get a message saying “root cannot be deleted”.

I am going to start a new fresh ERPNext account and try again from scratch.

Thanks again for your suggestions.

A quick update…

I started a new, fresh ERPNext account, but this time I did not select “Standard” in the Company/Chart of Accounts field - I left the field blank. And now I can see a full COA folder structure in the Chart of Accounts page, and can see Debtors - SVS.

So the Sales Invoice submit problem should now be resolved.

Thanks for your help Nishant.

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