Sales invoice number reordering


Suppose we have 3 sales invoices in the system
Invocie # Date
SINV-00001 Apr1, 2016
SINV-00002 Apr 2, 2016
SINV-00003 Apr 3, 2016

Now i delete SINV-00002. SINV-00003 should be renumbered to SINV-00002

is there some mechanism to achieve this?

The same would apply for out of order sales invoice entering…

No it won’t renumber the invoice as you can amend and resubmit the cancelled invoice. I see you can have operational issues if you try to renumber invoice as they are linked with sales order anfd Journal Voucher.

can we somehow set the invoice number as unix timestamp ?

That way we would not need to reorder it

this is not practical what you are asking.

lets suppose you delete SINV-00002 and after this you have 1000 invoices. now for all those 1000 system needs to change it’s number almost every where in the Database. which dosent look practical.

no i mean

Invoice # Date proposed time stamp
SINV-00001 Apr1, 2016 1200 1459492200
SINV-00002 Apr 2, 2016 1300 1459582200
SINV-00003 Apr 3, 2016 1400 1459672200

this is calculated from

now this if you remove SINV-00002, you do not need to modify anyother invoices to modify.