Sales Invoice numbering Issue

Dear Good day,

I have an issue with sales invoices, where I can’t reuse invoice no. of deleted or canceled invoices, as whenever we create new invoice numbers keep incrementing. and even draft invoices can’t be canceled but can be deleted directly, otherwise have to submit then cancel then delete, but anyways all lead to the same issue new invoices numbers keep incrementing. Any ideas to solve…

That’s how core numbering works. You can’t reuse any ID. I normally use an old number for making invoice to another customer to ensure no gaps in the series.

@Abdelrahman_Aly the naming file is called path : .
you will find there all functions related to naming , including autonaming . you can do some researches and change it .

There is a work around for this. You could use naming series and manually enter the missed invoice number to avoid gaps in invoicing#. Once done restore the original series number.

it would be good to support the pr as a problem since the beginning of time, where we could possibly solve it.