Sales Invoice or Quotation: If ITEM has standard_rate ZERO

Hi all,
Came to my attention that if i create an ITEM and do not type or set Standard_rate ZERO… later on when creating an Invoice/Quotation and type the selling price that will be created on the Price List.

But if you have in your Custom script

The system will fetch the Item standard_rate (0) and it will show on the Invoice/Quotation and will do 100% discount …

This creates a small confusion to users as the item has a rate on the Price List … and of course if you don’t pay attention will be submitted or saved with that BIG Discount.

Funny thing is that this behavior is only happening on Production, if you are local that does not happen.

Is there a way of checking if standard_rate is ZERO or should the cur_frm.add_fetch it self check if Price List exists and fetch from it?