Sales Invoice Paid to Unpaid


I have updated the status of sales invoice from draft to approved. Then it automatically changed the status to PAID. I was expecting it to be “Unpaid”

How do I change to UNPAID?

thanks for all the help!

Check to see if there’s any payment entry attached to the sales invoice and also check the outstanding balance if it’s zero. You cannot set the invoice to unpaid as the status reflects the outstanding balance on the invoice.

That may not necessarily be true.

During my conversion from v10 to v13 we stumbled across some poorly written code in the section that handles the Paid vs Unpaid flag. We found it because all of my fully Paid invoices that were converted into the v13 system were coming up Unpaid.

Ultimately I had to pay a developer to force the flags in mariadb back to Paid and then something was added to my custom app to make sure the error condition did not happen in the future. (I have a custom app where the paid developers put all of my customization like special reports and workflows).

The code may still be buggy and in need of some attention.

I am frozen on version 13.10.11 so anything I do to my system will most certainly not be the same as a more recent version.