Sales Invoice/POS Numbering

Hi all,
Currently on version ERPNext: v9.2.12 (master) and Frappe Framework: v9.2.13 (master) and odd case is the numbering POS is given… How does the system counts or gives the numbers if total records on DB are 858 records but the numbers are 11194 for two or three weeks only !!!

Any clue of what is causing or how can i debug ?

Any chances that Current Value for the Naming Series of POS was changed?

That was not changed … the only change i did was the naming SINV-.#####./.YY
but even before this it was already giving me numbers higher like sinv-0100 done now and 5 minutes after another PO with sinv-0105 … As you can see it changes the numbering either in 10s or 5s

Should the counting be the last record number 0100 + 1 even if many POS are online, the record would be generated when saving and generated the number?

Or is the system attempting to save but an error is generated but not returned and after many attempts the number generated is 5/10 times the last one !!!

For all with or in future problem … my finding was this:

=> Items with Stock 0 and Batch (with or w/expiry date)
When selling on POS and when the system asks for the Batch (if single no need to select or type) the system will process and the payment will be done … but the POS will not be synced due to the error that increases every 2/3 minutes on the Error logs ( if throw: raise UnableToSelectBatchError UnableToSelectBatchError)

The user on POS will constantly receive a message saying that “Select a batch for the item XXX. No possible to find a batch …
But as users are not aware of the serious issue they ignore and don’t inform about it…
So your Error logs will grow alot … and the POS is set as paid but will not Sync due to the error. This will make your sell not be added to your selling report and of course meaning that your Stocks is either wrong or a reconsiliation is required.

Your SI numbering will grow alot in a week from 100 to 1000 or 10000 numbers but the records on the DB will be 200/600 depending the real sells you do.

So the solution is to add the items with Stock ZERO and Batches to clear the errors and do the correct SI numbering …

Due to POS sell either stock or non-stock items your Stocks mainly with Batches must be different than 0 all the times and try to have stock reconciliation either weekly or every two weeks.