Sales Invoice Print Format With Fixed Table Length

How can i create print having fixed data table length.

please find attched image for reference

You will have to create your html print format with styling. What have you tried?

Already created custom print format and it is working fine.but if the content of invoice item is small,invoice will have unused space,that feels there any possibility to expand last row table dynamically based on page height for fill the invoice page?

In Sales Invoice Print Format, the Table has Width option (px or %), but we can’t adjust height of the table? We must create custom format ?

Because now i have table at Sales Invoice, and there is unused space at the bottom area of the table, and when converted to PDF, it became 2 pages… So frustating…

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I want to ask you, when you print the table and split it into two or more pages, are the header and footer present on all pages or only on the first page?

I want to know what you did to make the unused lines still appear