Sales Invoice Print Format

We are using pre-printed sales invoices and want to change the default invoice format to print in the pre-printed form.

At the bottom of the pre-printed there are cages for invoice total, total tax and grand total. Is there any way I could print them in these cages regardless of number of invoice item lines?

I have done this before. You will have to make a custom format in Jinja and then make fixed position <div> blocks and give top and right style properties in cm

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Thanks Mehtha!


The sales invoice print form ‘Sales Invoice Online Resource’ has been coded.

We are no longer populating the Start date and End Date fields.How should I delete them?

Refer attached.

Hi Everyone!

I also have the same problem. I need to print in a fixed position of pre-printed sales-invoice paper.
Could you provide some sample code for the reference for printing in fixed position of sales-invoice.

Any suggestions are welcomed.


@koshish that`s a simple html like this but with jinja

<div class="row"
{{ }}</div </div

but before go to print format list, click in new, choose the doctype and edit with your html.
Where I put {{}} inside you put doc. after dot you’ll need put the field.