Sales Invoice/Purchase Invoice UOM Conversion Factor issue with Price List Rate( V11)


We’have issue with Sales Invoice and Purchase Invoice UOM Conversion Factors.
While changing uom in Sales/Purchase Invoice Item Price list rate is not getting update.

Item Detail with same Stock UOM and UOM

Item Detail with difference Stock UOM and UOM

Can anyone please explain about why it’s not converting price list rate as uom conversion factor?

For Instance:

The item 0001 have two UOM’s(with default BOX stock uom).
Price List Rate = 33.0

  1. BOX
  2. Unit
  3. 1 Box == 10 Units
  4. Conversion Factor for Unit is 1/10 == 0.1

If user change the UOM from Box to Unit and enter Qty 3 then price list rate should be 3.3
and item amount should be 3.3*3 = 9.9.

But it’s always showing 33.0 as price list rate for UOM Unit.

If there is change in V11 for UOM Conversion factor then May I know, why?


I’m having this issue as well after updating to v11.

This extends to BOMs as well on my end; even submitted BOMS had rates for items using non-default UOMs updated to the rate for the default UOM, resulting in inaccurate costing.

I’m currently on v11.1.14 (master)

I have fixed this issue in a pull request fix(get_item_details): Price calculation based on UOM by SaiFi0102 · Pull Request #16544 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub. You can comment on the PR to give it more light.

What is the update with this? Has the PR been merged?

No, not merged yet.

Similar issue is occurring in print formats, the stock UOM is appearing instead of UOM set in the Item.
The issue is appearing in default print formats, and the ones created using the Builder. Custom HTML Print formats are fine.

Hi Team,

Why hasn’t this been fixed yet??? A PR was done months ago! This is a serious issue

Please help review and merge this ASAP


Hi @saifi0102

Thanks for the PR but what about the Print Format issue mentioned by @saeedkola

That needs fixing as well in order for this to be completely resolved

Could you kindly assist with this also?

Hi @saifi0102 @saeedkola

It seems there is no issue with the print format. It’s actually the rate issue that makes the Print Format look off


No it hasn’t. I had around 20 PRs. None of them got merged so I stopped maintaining PRs. Feel free to merge it yourself.

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Any update?
Facing the same issue in version

hi navdeepghai,
Is this issue is resolve .
I am getting same issue…

@wale This issue exists in v12

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Any Update on this issue .
Present in V12.5.0

I am also having the same issue in version 13 :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: I am worried how has this issue been pending for the last three years . This is a serious issue and I would expect it would get some serious attension