Sales Invoice return with different scheme/offers

Hello ERP,

We know about sales invoice return process. Suppose there is a situation in which if a customer buys 10kg product then there is offer like 2kg extra free (10+2 scheme), but if it returned from customer with offer how we have to update automatically in stock ? i.e sales return with offer from customer and how we will come to know that how much kg of offer is returned ?

In your original invoice you should have had a 12 kg quantity with discount. In that case you can make a credit note against the original invoice.

ty pawan , ya for same quantity we can say 12kg bt for different quantity it will be change for adding …
Example for 10kg of rice there is offer 2kg of aata free etc .

You still need to deduct 2kg from inventory so you can add item with zero rate also in the invoice.

ok i will do that