Sales Invoice Rounding Adjustment doesn't happen for some currency

Hello Everyone,

I am new to ERPNext and still exploring all the features. Please guide me guide me understanding the rounding adjust.

For few currency, the sales invoice gets rounded off for few others its no.

INR, JPY, AED - Gets rounded off

USD, CHF - Doesn’t get rounded off

Is there any reason on any settings available to control the rounding adjustment? I tried to find in the forum and docs but no luck.


  1. can you give a concrete example?
  2. what is your currency precision?

Rounding Enabled

Base Currency is INR

Invoice in Base Currency - Rounding Happened

Invoice in AUD - Rounding happened

Invoice in USD - Rounding did not happen

Currency precision is default. We did not change. Its 2 Digits.

@vrms Can you please guide me?

so, you say

  1. you want rounding adjustment to happen
  2. it does happen for INR & AUD, it does not happen fur USD


rounding adjustment happening in one currency but not happening in another currency looks like a bug to me. You can report bugs in the github issues

i experienced the same too…

Any update about this?

EDIT : i think you can try this, go to Currency, pick USD, see Smallest currency fraction value, set it to 0…

Hope it helps!


Setting smallest currency fraction value to 0.01 disables round off. This solved my problem.

But is this the right procedure to follow?

I set it to 0.00

Frankyly i don’t know if it’s the right procedure or no, but you can check the INR and AUS currency, i am sure the default smallest currency fraction value will be 0.00

It’s only about the fraction, unless your goods need to valued precisely without roundoff…

Just my opinion, though…