Sales Invoice - Set Source Warehouse does not get captured into Item level warehouse

I’m trying to create a Sales Invoice with ‘Update Stock’ check and then I capture ‘Set Source Warehouse’. This should work as default warehouse and should overwrite Item level warehouse. However, as I keep adding the item, the warehouse at Item level gets changed.

There is some inconsistency in this at JS level, as in some item it captures properly and in some, it does not. This new feature of ‘Set Source Warehouse’ field added recently does not work consistently.

Here is the screencast.

Anyone else facing this issue?

Hi, I face the same problem. My workaround is to go back to SO and change the source warehouse there. Once that is done, the SI would follow what the SO has set

Admittedly, this is not a very good solution since my users frequently forget to set the right Source Warehouse and also sometimes it is difficult to determine the source beforehand (eg. urgent request need to ship from other warehouse)

Are you able to find any better solution to this issue?

PS: I’m on Version 13.35