Sales Invoice Status Issue

I am using ERPNext version 14. When I submit a Sales Invoice it shows status ‘Draft’. But it should be ‘Unpaid’ status. When I go list view it shows ‘Unpaid’. If I reload this doc then the status changed ‘Draft’ to ‘Unpaid’.
How to resolve this.

erpnext 14.48.1
everlife 0.0.1
frappe 14.55.0
hrms 14.17.0
payments 0.0.1
These are the version I am using in my system.

Hi Mr. @shuvro-baset ,

Can you please share the screenshot of the workflow rules set-up for Sales Invoice process?

If my guess is right, the solution should be lying there.

I am not using any workflow here. Its a normal process as it is.

There are 2 types of status present in ERP Next.

Status - 13 Statuses (Draft, Return, Credit Note Issued, Submitted, Paid, Partly Paid, Unpaid, Unpaid & Discounted, Overdue, Overdue & Discounted, Overdue, Cancelled, Internal Transfer)

Document Status - Draft, Cancelled & Submitted (This status will also be used during work-flow)

Possible to go to sales invoice option - do not get into any specific invoice - Press CTRL-J - Under Label, enter “status”…click…edit…possible to share full screenshot of the same?

@Kabir Please check this.

2 Changes requested #

  1. Possible to expand the document state window?
  2. Possible to remove the “read-only” tick and check?

its blank. I did not changed anything in sales invoice doctype.

  1. Possible to remove the “read-only” tick and check?

I do not understand what actually you mean.

can you remove the read only tick and save, then reload and try?

I had the same issue on Sales Order today.
Turning off the client script (list - Sales Order) resolved this problem.

I think the problem was/is all section: “ frappe.listview_settings[‘Sales Order’]”.

Finally I have edited the script w/o section about and the script a status are working together.

Jiri Sir

not resolved yet.

I did not use any client script on my project.