Sales Invoice Submit 2 Times

hi everyone!

I would like to have my Sales invoice to be checked 2 times :

  1. first one after submitted, invoice still in draft state, then send to client
  2. after client accept and they release tax document, submitted again and that’s the official invoice

Is it possile in ERPNext?

Hi. Simple answer it’s not possible. However you can print draft invoice in PDF. Once fine submit it. The document ID will remain same.

Hi Muzzy, thanks for responding!

I saw Workflow feature in ERPNext… Is it possible to use Workflow?


No. Don’t think workflow will also help. A document can only be submitted once. Next steps are cancel, amend and submit. Doing this will change the document ID as system will add -1 to the ID. Example SI001 will become SI001-1.

This is a topic that we also think about right now.
For our customer we are thinking about changing the current invoice implementation to become a Proforma invoice only. From the proforma invoice to create a non changeable final invoice…

You can see the discussion here:

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How about we add another status for the document, let’s say after 1st checking, status is : checked by Admin, then we received Tax document, Invoice checed again and submited for good.

Thanks for the input!

In certain cases that would work, however it does not handle cases when the invoice is discarded afterwards (doesn’t make it to final stage). The number series for taxable invoices will be broken. If this is not an issue for you, then it can work.

I created workflow based on this documentation :

But what make me confused right now is after the payment entry is created against the invoice, the invoice state is still on Workflow state (approve for final invoice)

Before the workflow, Invoice status is Draft, Unpaid, Overdue, Paid…

How to make the invoice status PAID after i submitted the payment Entry ?

Did you check the state or just the label in the view?
I didn’t try it either, so just an idea.
Maybe it actually is in correct state, only the workflow settings override the view…

Hi Paul, thanks for fast respond!

Yes i think i should choose Don’t Override Status option.

But is it possible to show the default status (draft, overdue, paid) and WF status in one display?

Sorry I am overasked, I not using it for a long time. So not much experience yet.

You should know What Is ZATCA Phase 2 E-invoicing as in KSA e-invoicing is now mandatory.