Sales Invoice supplemental

Is there a way to add a supplemental page to a “Service” Sales Invoice?

Let’s say that I need to bill a client for 8 hours. I have a line item – “service hour” with a qty of 8.

I need a place to describe what services/details where involved in those 8 hours. What would be the best practices to do something like this? The details could be fairly long, so I was thinking a supplemental page may be required.

You can use description field and write as much details you want and also Customize the print format to display the description field

That could be ideal, especially if I could get a page break before the description field prints.

However, when I go to setup and then Print Format I do not see a “Sales Invoice” print format other than a PoS Sales Invoice? Am in the correct location? Do I need to create a new Print Format from within this menu to customize?

Open sales invoice then print preview and there you will see customize option on top. Create/customize new format from there ane chose columns as per your requirements

perfect, thank you!

Let us know how that worked out for you. I was not successful with that last month.

Same need to detail specific services rendered at time of sale.


With the help of this post:

By commenting out the elements in the linked post above, enables the page-break to work. I added a “supplemental” field (Text Editor) in the form customizations and in the custom print format, I check if the supplemental field contains a value. If it has a value, I provide a page-break and output the supplemental field. Which is exactly what I needed. However, I have to change the “core” print template as in the post (link) above.

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