Sales Invoice through REST API

Hello community.

I want to know if there is possible to create a Sales Invoice through REST API where the customer data to send is the tax_id of the Customer (or another field but the DocType name).

I guess I can make a custom API entry point, but I want to know first if there is a way out of the box to do it.

“customer”: “332332232”, (the tax_id)
“naming_series”: “NOFISCAL-”,
“due_date”: “2017-08-25”,
“items”: [
“qty”: 1,
“item_code”: “Producto”


Can you not just do a query to find the customer with that tax_id then create the Sales Invoice with the customer name that you just discovered?

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Thanks for your answer.

Due we want that another system of another vendor connects to our instance of ERPNext, we are trying to do this integration the most straightforward as possible for the another vendor, which by the way isn´t very much happy in introducing new code in his system.

But I think that we can go with the approach of you propose.
They can send for example[["Customer", "tax_id", "=", 20337229973]] for and then create the Sales Invoice.