Sales invoice v7

As a cloud user i was updated yesterday morning (CET)
Looks great, final verdict later, still have to digest things…

Made some invoices yesterday…no problem
I expect an update this night…
I now have to enter mode of payment…no issue…but the invoice after submission is not paid…

What I really miss is the swap between the two screen…the full invoice and the POS…this was brilliant…should come back!!


Hi @becht_robert,

It’s working, please see below attachments

Status as Paid

Mode of payment with amount

This feature has been removed in V7, with this feature it was difficult to add new changes in the POS.
For more details about POS


Yepp, resolved the issue…In the invoice screen mode of payment plus amount have to be selected manually… this was not the case in the last version v6xx

Hi @becht_robert,

Make POS profile and enter mode of payments in the pos profile, kindly select cash type mode of payment. Check below attachment for more detail

Thanks, Rohit

hi @rohit_w, i have a question.

What is the objective of the amount in the methods of payment that are shown in your catch?

I am looking for some possible way to have a cash opening for POS