Sales Invoice Vs Expense account


We have maintained our items according to there proper default warehouse and expense account. It is going ok so far. However during sales invoice creating for some items, it refused to be saved and asks for the expense account and the field for selection expense account is not shown. My question is Is the Sales Invoice has a relation with Expense Account? any explanations…

In case of perpetual inventory system, system books expense (CoGS) while
delivering items to the customer. If you enabled perpetual inventory and in
sales invoice, “update stock” optiob is checked, expense account is
If the field is not shown, check if you made it hidden from Customize Form.
When you select an item in sales invoice, generally system fetches default
expense account from item master or company master.

Thanks Nabin,

In Accounting ‘Make Accounting Entry For Every Stock Movement’ is checked and in Sales Invoice ‘Update Stock’ is not checked.

In that case, it should not ask for expense account. Can you please share the traceback from brwoser’s console, while getting this validation?

Thanks Nabin,

It workd fine. I investgated out that the problem was during maintining the the expense account on the items. It is ok now