Sales - Multiple Outlets

Hai All,

We have 3 outlets and POS is working in this three oulets… But when i go to see the sales of the particular outlet through thet login i can see the all sales ( all three outlet sales), Can anyone help me to saolve this

Did you set up the three outlets with separate Cost Centers and Warehouses?

If you did,

  1. then set up user permissions for each outlet user restricting them to their assigned cost center and warehouse.

  2. Ensure that in Sales Invoice Role Permissions you check ¨Apply user permissions¨ for all roles the outlet staff have assigned to them.

  3. Still in Role permissions Select document types ¨Cost center¨ and ¨Warehouse¨ is permitted and click on set

This complicated approach worked for me, if any one has an easier approach I would also like to know.


How can i do the No,1 ???

I done 2 and 3 rd step… Now i cant see any of the invoices… but i need to see the branch sales… i dont understand the 1 st step

Check your user permission levels. Most probably you have not assigned the branches to your ID due to which you cant see. Click on your name on top right section and then click My Settings to find what all permissions you have. Similarly do for the staff who are working in each outlet.

I didnt Assigned any employee. because employees are alternatively send to different branches… So i Create a user in branch name and set a password… I have attached the screenshot

Hai… I didnt get the result