Sales of digital products with ERPnext

Hi Folks,

There are a few questions about erpnext that are wondering:

Is Erpnext suitable for selling digital products online?
We do not need modules like stock control or manufacture etc.
But we will need some features like Traceability, Serial No etc.

Would you recommend using it for online sales of digital products?

There is a way to track batch number and serial numbers. I would say in general YES! I would use it. And recommend it.

Yes indeed use:

  • Serial No. in Stock
  • Batch (if any) in Stock
  • Stores to Trace your products.
  • Quantity, Pricing, Categories, Service Class etc. for your products.
  • CRM for Customers, Contracts (if any).
  • Custom Fields (if you feel you need some)
  • Licensing information, Vendors, Variants, Periods, Expiry, etc. can also be maintained accordingly.
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