Sales of Fixed Asset - error on invoice value DR & CR values

I have a transaction related to a fixed asset sale. the book value of the fixed asset is Zero (0) & i want to sell this at a cost determined by the management. When clicked on the “Sell Asset” of the particular item, it goes to a new invoice & CR a/c is shown as “Gain/Loss on Asset Disposal” & DR to Debtors. I inserted the amount of the sales value, filled other mandatory fields & clicked submit. then it says DR & CR values are not matching & difference is so & so amount (the rate of the item that i put)

Please help to resolve this

This might be a bug, did not thought about zero value assets while implementing. Can you please raise an issue on github?

Thanks. But i don’t have an idea how to create issue on github. Could u pls help?

HI, i created the issue in Github but no replies have not come yet. The transaction is pending & i need to close it soon. Can it be resolved sooner?