Sales on Account

Hello guys ,

We are having a problem with sales return invoices,

The customer is paying via K-Net which is basically connected to our bank account, when the customer is returning an item from the sales invoice which means we would have to return some amount for the customer.

Question : how can we keep it as a credit for the customer ? and later on we can see how much we own the customer and pay the difference on a new item ?

2nd question : Is there a way not to return the amount automatically in the system, as transferring back the money to the customer is not immediate action , however in the ERPnext it is considered immediately

You can create a credit note against the invoice. When you check the account receivable, it will show the invoiced amount, credit note amount and the outstanding separately. You can reconcile the credit note with any other invoice if the customer is already paid for the invoice.

Thanks for your reply, but how do we do that in a fast way in front of the customer, surely this can be done from the finance people, but imagine the customer is standing infront of you and he want to exchange it the next day and you owns him money

Is there a way to fetch the amount based on the customer name field ?