Sales Order 30-60-90 days payments / Credit Limits

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I can’t find the option or way to implement in order sales a way to choose different credit limits to receive payments in 30-60-90 days formats. I mean: I’ve found in Customer the way to can create just one credit limit based in a fixed number of days, for instance it could be 30 days. But I can not change this value in a Sales order for this particular client, and I can’t choose between different payment options. Theremore we would like to implement different options for the payments of the customer, I explain myself:

We are a spanish Company, and in Spain is very common to make / receive payments in a 30-60-90 days, for instance. So, is common to receive paynments in different dates, so you may choose the payment format in the Order Sale. Most common are:

30 days
30-60 days
30-60-90 days…

And sometimes you should combine them in several credit limits. These dates should appear in Balances Accounting (“portfolio balance” in Spanish is called “Balance de Cartera”).

So, maybe I’m missing sth, cause is a very common thing to do in an ERP and accounting programs (at least here in Spain), and I can’t find the options to configure this in Sales nor Accounting. Is true that I still have not enter in deep to configure accountings in ERPNext but I have looked for this option and I can’t find it.

Is there any other Spanish IT / Company implementing ERPNext with the same issue, or any other similar problem in another region?


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@rtimagine Sales order is not s debit note, the sales order is just receiving and order for sales without any update in the accounts or in the stock unless a delivery note is made or a sales invoice is made to convert it to a debit note…

What you need is in the sales invoice not sales order or you can add it by customs fields…

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Thanks for the information, I will checked this in the Accounting / Debit note, and yes, I will try this with custom fields linked from the SO, cause they are used to “give this option in Sales order”.



Hi there ramielian,

There’s no way I can find the option in Sales invoice neither. I’m looking for a way to split the payment due in different dates, for instance, in 30, 60 and 90 days. So the amount would be split into 3 parts. This is common in Spain payments.

I’ve been looking a large amounts of times for this options with no result.


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this is not available right now in the erp, but you can code it in using custom fields (its actually easy if you know python)…

it will be mapped as the following:

three fields depending on visibility on each other and on activation box which are : 30 days 60 days 90 days

if 30 days activated the value would be 100% for 30 days
if 60 days activated the value would be 50% for 30 days and 50% for 60 days
if 90 days activated the value would be 34% for 30 days and 33% for 60 days and 33% for 90 days

i didnt help you much but i hope the idea was received by you :slight_smile:

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Thanks ramielian,

I had already this in mind, but I’m worried to personalice the code of the sales invoices, and I even still don’t know what python files should I edit to make this changes.

Should be no problem to edit the python code once I find the place. What I don’t know is if the concept will work, cause I need only one invoice with two or three due payments, and I even would like to make several Delivery notes from the same invoice.

I was asking in case someone has made any similar successful personalization.

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