Sales Order Addresses

I’d like to propose a small change, and that’s the naming and position of the address fields in the sales order.

Customer Address, rename to Billing Address Name
Address, rename to Billing Address
Shipping Address Name, rename to Shipping Address Name
Shipping Address, rename to Shipping Address
Place these directly across from another, in their own section, “Addresses”

So, the following organization altogether:

Section: Document Information(Not Collapsible)
Naming Series
column break
Delivery Date

Section: Customer Information (Not Collapsible)
Customer Name
Contact (Why is there a second field to display contact?)
column break
Customer PO Number
Customer PO Date
Section Break: Address (Collapsible)

Wow, this started as just me asking to make the addresses side by side and with refined naming, and it got a little out of hand.

an associated issue:

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