Sales order amendment

Dear all,
i receive an order and i do sale order and also we receive the advance payment for same sale order and we linked the advanced payment to the same sales order. now same customer want Increase the quantity of one of the items in same sale order, when i want to cancel the sale order and amend it, i get the massage which this same order is linked to the payment and you can not cancel it.
how can i amend the same sales order now?


In that case, you have to cancel the advance payment then cancel the sales order. After that, you can amend and submit the advance payment and can change the sales order. or you can create a new sales order simply.

the department which linked the payment receipt is accounting and other department and once i ask them as sale to cancel this payment receipt they ask why ? and they ask is it cancel payment?
it is not right way from amending the sales order should to cancel the payment receipt as it is on control from other department.
i need some way to amend the Sales Order with out canceling the payment receipt, because this thing is happen as usual and account do not accept to cancel the payment receipt which it is not really cancel.

no one have the any way this issue?

the Github issue already there, but still open

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After releasing a sales order, there are many possibilities that Customer wish to change the ordered quantity or price or Payment terms or delivery time or change in applicable taxes or general terms & conditions. At this time we need to amend the sales order we need to have a track on the amendments of remaining order (if order orders are partially delivered/completed).

There must be provision for tracked order and its amendment rather than cancelling the sales order ( and cancellation of all subsequent items related to that sales order.)

Please advise.