Sales order and Fiscal year


I’m a testing Erpnext for my small business and it looks very interesting, congrats!

I think I have made a mistake (unless it’s a bug)… I created a Sale Order dated of 01/01/2015. It should have been on 05/12/2014. When I try to modify it I get this error:

Date ‘05-12-2014’ not in Fiscal Year 2015 Did not save

I thought first it is because I created only fiscal year 2015 (obviously). Then I created fiscal year 2014 but I still get the error when I try to change it… And I cannot delete fiscal year 2015 because the SO is linked to it.
The purchase order is not submitted, only saved.

What did I do wrong (except mistyping the date at first)?

Thanks for your help.


This is because of you have created Sales Order before starting of your financial year.
Please check what is financial year start date here


You can also add more than one financial year (i.e. Fiscal Year)

After creating fiscal year 2014, in Sales Order, you should change both the value of Fiscal Year and Transaction Date field. Fiscal Year field will be visible if you click on View Details button.

I didn’t see the Fiscal Year field ! It worked thanks !