Sales order appears as 100% invoiced even when it was not totally invoiced


In the sales order listing, this appears in the % delivered and % invoiced amount column:


This sales order was 100% delivered but only %20 invoiced.

When I load the sales order form, this appears at the top of it:


Sales invoice = 1 and Delivery note = 1

If I click Delivery note link, this is shown:


However, if I click Sales invoice link, this is shown:


As you see, there is only 1 invoice at amount 20.75 which is about 20% of the sales order total 103.77.

Why it appears as 100% invoiced in the sales order listing? I think this is a bug, that is why I added the bug keyword.

These are my versions:


It seems that the graph is being influenced by the delivery percentage, because I have another sales order that is not delivered and partially invoiced and invoice graph is correct.

Graph also appears correct when it is 100% delivered but no invoice.

In summary, it seems the problem appears when it is 100% delivered and partially invoiced.


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