Sales Order Bulk Qty and Monthly schedule for Item

Hi All,

I have a business scenario of bulk quantity in customer’s Purchase order (PO Qty is 9999 Nos). Customer gives a open PO and ask to supply monthly schedule of small quantity till next 2 years.

We create Sales Order referring to customer Purchase Order. If we create sales order of 9999 qty then it reports wrong in reporting and can not put Delivery date for qty 9999.

Can anyone please suggest how we to map this scenario.

Satish Aralkar

Hi, tried replicating the issue. I was able to create a Sales order for quantity 9999.

Can error message you are getting ?

@ArundhatiS Thanks for your reply. Yes, you can create Sales Order of Qty 9999. This is a open Sales Order. Now how you can map the monthly schedule against this sales order.

In Your scenario, if customer ask to deliver Qty as per their schedule.
July - 100
Oct- 200
How we can map this scenario.