Sales order custom script

can someone plz help to write a custom script that should be added to a sales order.
i placed a checkbox named “No Delivery Date”, so if this box is checked, the delivery date should directly fill up with the following date for example: 01-01-2020.
so how should i write this?

@Perla i think giving hard coded value is not possible for Date type fields,
You can try below script to set date when checkbox is checked, this script will assign 5 days later value on delivery date according to transaction date.

For Ex : Transaction Date is 01/10/2018, it will assign 10/06/2018 to delivery date.

frappe.ui.form.on("Sales Order",{

	no_delivery_date: function(frm){

var set_date = function(frm) 
	if(frm.doc.no_delivery_date == 1){
		frm.set_value("delivery_date", frappe.datetime.add_days(frm.doc.transaction_date, 5));

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@shahid thank you so muchh :slight_smile: