Sales Order Delivery Note - Transactional Status

Hello All,

I understand that this topic has been opened a few times but I have yet to find the definitive answer to the situation of status adjustments after documents are updated.

I have several instances occurring, but I will use only one as example to ask for help.

I have 1 Sales Order with the following “Connections” :

1 Invoice for the full amount - PAID
~ There is a payment entry associated with the invoice, but not showing in the SO connections. This payment entry was “created” from the Sales Inv.

3 Delivery Notes - 2 cancelled and amended to the final 1. Fully delivered
These were “created” from the sales order.

Here is the confusion:
My Sales Order shows “Overdue” - yet is fully paid and delivered
My Final Delivery Note shows as “To Bill”

How can I align these documents to correctly display their actual status?
Is there a specific order to create them in ?
I had always assumed that the SO was the root in the sales flow.

If someone could explain the way in which these four doc types ( Sales Order, Sales Invoice, Delivery note, Payment Entry) actually affect one another it would likely answer many folks questions.

Thanks in Advance to all the helpful souls out there.

Does this mean that is it either

A - The general flow is Quotation → Sales Order → Delivery Note→ Sales Invoice
B - The general flow is Quotation → Sales Order → Sales Invoice → Delivery Note

if I want it to show correctly it cannot be

C - Quotation → Sales Order → Sales Invoice → Payment Entry
Sales Order → Delivery Note