Sales Order Duplicate Item


Is there any option to disable warning when duplicate item is entered in Sales Order ?.. i need this for giving bonus



This is not configurable for now. It is just a notification message, and allows you to proceed forward.

Thats wrong. In Purchase Receipt it refuses to store the receipt when having duplicate item.

I have tested it with 2 identical item, which have different batches.

This case can occur in real life, when one batch is running out at the supplier and the delivery is fulfilled using different batches.

If i also cant deliver one item from different batches in Delivery Note than i have a big show stopper… :slight_smile:

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I can give green light now on this issue.

Maybe something has changed, which i received after restart of the system.

There is now a warning with duplicate items when saving the Purchase Receipt. The Receipt is accepted and can be submitted properly.

Also making a Delivery Note with duplicate items but different Batch No can be done without problems.

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