Sales Order gets reopened after making Sales Return


I executed the following steps:

  1. Create a Sales Order
  2. Create a Sales Invoice for the above Sales Order which has all the items from the Sales Order
  3. Create a Sales Return / Credit Note for the above Sales Invoice for all items.

Sales order status changes to Overdue and it is available for creating a Delivery Note again and also shows up in the ‘Ordered Items to be Delivered’ report.

Shouldn’t the Sales Order be ‘Closed’ ?

This is creating a confusion and causing a Delivery Note to be created again for the same Sales Order by the dispatch team, whereas the Sales Order should not be available for creating a Deliver Note / Invoice.

Hello, can anyone comment on this please, if this is an issue or it is by design?


As per the design, if Sales Return is created against Delivery Note, then delivered quantity will be updated in the Sales Order. This will allow you to make another Delivery Note, if needed. Else you can close Sales Order manually as well. Based on the feedback and requirement of many users, we have implemented this design. Credit Note doesn’t have any impact on the Sales Order.

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Hello Umair,
Thanks for the clarification, that’s what I had suspected. But then if you have dozens of Sales Returns to be made in a day, it is not practical to search and close each Sales Order manually. Is there any other way?

We could make it configurable for the Stock Settings. Should delivery note have impact on the Sales Order?

Can you please create Github Issue for this suggestion? Also contribute the feature itself, if resouces allows you to.

I would love this feature
because it is always confuse by status it does not say completed but closed
both sales order and delivery note are reopen

Hi, Could you make the issue out of this?

Thank you!